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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Because Caluka Farms is a private company in Australia, we can only have 50 entities owning shares. For detailed information on the structure and matters regarding shares in Caluka Farms, please see the constitution at

As outlined in the Expression of Interest document shareholders had to sign before shares could be offered to them, there were only going to be a maximum of 35,000 D Class shares available. 20,642 have been purchased with another 10,000 currently being used to negotiate the potential purchase of a second property.

35 of the 50 entities have been allocated, with one of those being a new company called Caluka D1. Caluka D1 shares have exactly the same value and rights as all other entities and its sole role is to own shares in Caluka Farms. Caluka D1 was set up so that all the smaller investors can participate in Caluka Farms. My wife and I (Reneé) and our family members have their shares in Caluka D1.

We have received just over $2m in cash and in kind. Some entities for example supplied livestock in lieu of shares, and 1,000 shares were used in the successful negotiations to purchase the Narrikup property via vendor terms. There are still a few people sending in the balance owing for their shares due to difficulties in shifting their monies out of other investments. At the time of writing, this totals $187,000 still to come in.

Because the deadline has passed to receive any further signed expressions of interest, there can be no more shareholders for awhile. I have left 15 entity vacancies just in case in the future, the majority of shareholders vote to allow more investors in. The advice from the Board at the moment is that it is unlikely that we will need more investors.

As for selling shares, please see the constitution, but in summary, you may sell your shares to your family members without permission from the Board. If you can’t or don’t want to sell them to family members, you must first offer them to the other shareholders by notifying the Board. If there are still shares available for sale, you may then offer them to people/companies who are currently not shareholders in Caluka Farms.

And as for the value of shares, you will see a yellow box in the top right corner of this blog. It is only a calculated value and will be updated soon after sheep begin arriving on the property.

There are two image files uploaded below that contains the size holding of each shareholder, but anonymously, except for myself and my company Agronomic Acumen.

And in case you missed it in the previous blog entry, keep Friday 4th October 2019 free as that is the date of our inaugural field day to be held on Caluka Farms’ first property - 345 Healy Road, Narrikup, Western Australia. I can’t wait to show everyone what your investment has done and is doing.

Size of each entity shareholding in Caluka Farms.

Size of each shareholders holding in Caluka D1.

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