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Our first sign

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A little milestone happened yesterday on Caluka Farms, Narrikup. Our first sign went up at the entrance (see photo below).

And as a little update, the existing shed now has lockable doors and a gable and its gutters and piping to the rainwater tank have been repaired/replaced, and the fertiliser shed has been finished and used. The first load of trace element fertiliser has been spread with two more deliveries arriving tomorrow.

The farm has greened up very quickly and the kikuyu has been better than hoped. Though it is very hungry, the plant numbers and runners are above expectations. With some summer rain, most paddocks should be fully covered with kikuyu by March 2019. A broadleaf spray is needed in the coming week or two to control blackberry nightshade and inkweed.

Fencing is progressing with a few weeks more expected before completion. A trough network from bores to tank to troughs will begin this coming week. The office and sheepyard donga (toilet/washup) will be arriving tomorrow.

We are borrowing the neighbours roller to flatten a few wet areas that have wheel ruts and deeper ruts from a storm a few weeks ago are currently being repaired. Spot spraying blackberry and thistles is a continuing job. One day when we have the major jobs done, we will start picking rocks to tidyup the paddocks more :-).

This was taken 1st November 2018 from the site of the office donga looking towards the sheepyards. See the next photo for how much difference two weeks makes.

This photo was taken on the 14th November 2018.

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Looks Fantastic Wayne !

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