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The Caluka name

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I thought I would share some personal tidbits of information about Caluka Farms. My wife Reneé suggested we think of a name for this farming venture that did not include the word "agronomy". She then proposed Caluka and I loved it and so it was created. We have two dogs whom we love dearly. Caleb, a rough coat Collie (like Lassie) but with different colouring, and Luka, a gorgeously cute progeny from a very ugly Papillon / Shih Tzu dad and very ugly miniature poodle mum. Luka has a nickname of velcro because he sticks to me wherever I go. So the name Caluka is a derivation of Caleb and Luka. Also, Caluka lamb has a very nice ring to it.

All shareholders were sent a Christmas card with photos of Caleb and Luka, and I have uploaded a photo of them below.

The Caluka Farms logo was designed by Hidewood Printers in Albany, Western Australia. It was their one and only draft they sent to us, and Reneé and I loved it and needed no other options to consider. And the slogan, "meat the way nature intended" came to me while I was asleep. It perfectly fits what the aims of Caluka Farms are, and that is to grow meat sheep the way nature intended as much as we can. And of course make as much profit as we can while having a beautiful, productive farm.

Caleb the collie on the right, and Luka on the left. The Caluka name is a derivation of their names.

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