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Kikuyu emerging, fertiliser bunkers going up

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Below are some photos showing the kikuyu is now emerging well across the property, the concrete footings for the office donga are being measured and the fertiliser bunkers are being erected. Next week the sheepyards start to be built and as soon as the lime spreading has finished, the first of the fertiliser applications will be made across the whole farm (TekPhos with Se and Co).

Kikuyu seedlings are emerging. This is the foundation of our pastures.

A gorgeous morning on Caluka Farms. Lime to the right is currently being spread every day that we can move on the paddocks.

The office donga footings are being measured. Concrete footings have now been poured as of 12th October 2018.

Two fertiliser bunkers are being built next to the shed. Each one will hold 80 tonnes of fertiliser.

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