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Before and after progress video

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

On the link below, you can see a video of what the Narrikup farm looked like just prior to settlement, and what it looks like as of 6th October 2018. The official settlement date was 17th August 2018 and the farm had been ungrazed all year. We allowed one of the neighbours to put his sheep and cattle onto it while we sprayed it out, and then they were taken out when we started taking the fences down to install new ones.

The next video will show an update. By then the fertiliser bunkers, office donga, sheep yards, water tanks and sheep yard donga (toilet block) should be completed, and internal fences will have started. The kikuyu has been seeded and has been emerging for a week now and the farm is starting to get a tinge of green to it. Lime is being spread at 4t/ha over most of the farm, with more planned in January/February on the most acidic areas.

The farm is still very wet and impassible in places, but this will be fantastic for the future pasture growth. There is plenty of clay and good soil underneath most of the surface to hold water and nutrients to feed the pastures.

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