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Pasture update - 25th July 2020

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

It's been about 3 weeks now since I began spreading fertiliser again. Below are some photos taken today. The pastures are improving daily and hopefully we have a long spring from now until November. I have plans to put as many sheep as possible onto the paddocks in the next five months - lambs being born and hopefully up to 4,000 trade sheep.

Weaners paddock (Charlies). They have been in there for one day and will be moved on day 7.

A closer view of the pasture that has the weaners in. We'll start drafting off the fat ones soon (>45kg LW).

Weaners in Charlies paddock.

This is November paddock, and was struggling, so I topdressed it with 4x the rate and it's starting to come good.

November paddock still has some non-wetting patches like this but the pasture is at last starting to grow. Our maiden ewes that are currently lambing are being shifted onto this paddock tomorrow.

Our older ewes. They are not due to start lambing until late August.

Our older ewes due to lamb from late August. They are on our tightest paddocks as their energy requirements are the lowest at the moment of our three mobs, but these pastures will be fertilised again in the coming days.

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