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If it don't stop raining, we'll all be rooned...

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Apologies to those not from Australia reading this. There is a famous poem called "Said Hanrahan" who sees the worst in every situation and that we'll all be rooned (ruined) if the current event doesn't stop.

Well, we have been running at about half our average rainfall with the dry summer and late start to winter. But, we are catching up very quickly with ~115mm in the past two days, and it is still raining. We are now a tad wet, and we have some puddles. Fortunately, not much erosion. It looks like we will have to re-gravel our culvert over the creek when it subsides, and fill in a few ruts that have formed on exposed sand. Full ground cover works wonders in rain events like this. Those sandy areas received multiple extra applications of fertiliser and seed to get them to cover up, but I lost that race in a few spots. Fortunately, very small areas (~10m long).

The photos below were taken this morning (4th August 2020). More rain is coming.

Alpha paddock. Compare these photos to the ones in the previous blog entry (taken only 2 days apart).

Alpha paddock in the foreground, then Bravo, Charlie and the weaners in the distance are in Delta paddock.

Water running out of our farm on Delta paddock. Neighbour's to the right.

We won't be using our back paddock for awhile. After walking through it this morning, there has been some erosion of the gravel on either side of the culvert we will need to repair when the water level recedes.

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