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7-days is up.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We rotationally graze as much as we can with a rule the sheep should not be in a paddock for more than 7-days. Well, 7-days is up for our weaners and though they haven't grazed the paddock (Delta) down enough, time is up and they are going into Echo paddock today. After Echo paddock has had 7-days of grazing, we will move the weaners to another rotation and bring in the 800+ mixed aged ewes that are due to start lambing from 26th August.

Leaves grow leaves, which means leaving some behind enables the plants to recover faster from grazing. However, in a few rotations with spring approaching, we may not have enough mouths to eat it down quick enough to prevent older leaves being left behind. The plan is that because the block of paddocks is growing too fast for the weaners, we'll bring in the ewes from another rotation. With their future lambs and higher feed requirement, they can hopefully graze the paddocks down better.

The weaners are being drafted frequently from today to take off all the wethers >45kg live weight (LW), which will only cause more pasture to not be utilised. Hence, our need to bring in trade sheep to fatten up ASAP. The target is to bring in ~4,000 trade sheep on 90ha to utilise the spring flush and have them all gone by the end of the year. If you're in WA and have store lambs available between now and October, please call our agent Allan Pearce on 0477331001.

Delta paddock with 900+ weaners but it is day 7 and they haven't eaten the pasture down enough, but time is up.

Another angle of the weaners in Delta paddock just before I opened the gate to move them into Echo paddock.

The gate into Echo paddock. This is the feed that awaits them.

Close up of the feed in Echo paddock. No clovers visible here but others areas it is now pretty good. We lost most of the clover with the false break in March. Next clover germination was late May. That is a plantain in the middle of the photo.

The dogometer measuring stick. Keep this in mind in 7-8 days when the first paddock in the rotation, Alpha, will have ewes brought in. Alpha received some extra Urea back in May. It is still making a large difference as you will see next week.

And the weaners are now in Echo. Not enough roughage for a few (scours). They have tested zero for worms as of last Friday.

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