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About Caluka Farms

Caluka Farms is a private Australian company limited to a maximum of 50 “entities” (there can be multiple shareholders within each entity). The company grows hair sheep for the meat market aiming to grow it as nature intended. The farms are located in southern Australia in areas that receive more than 600mm of rain per year (considered high rainfall in Australia). These areas are too wet for reliable cropping, but are excellent for growing livestock.


Our first farm was purchased in August 2018 and is located at 345 Healy Road, Narrikup, Western Australia.

We have a goal to produce one million lambs/year.  We use the best agronomy, genetics and technology to grow sheep meat the way nature intended.  This means we aim not to spend money on keeping bad genes alive.

To achieve meat the way nature intended, we have three major cogs in our operations. (1) We use rotational grazing like migrating wildebeest use to keep eating fresh grass and leave the intestinal worms behind.  (2) We grow pasture like a crop to make sure there isn’t only plenty of it, but that every nutrient the animal needs is available in the plants.  Our aim is to not give them any mineral supplements, nor any hay until absolutely necessary.  (3) We are also diligent at culling any animal that has bad genes, and by bad genes, we mean traits where we would have to spend money to keep it healthy and alive that other sheep do not require that assistance.


You never see a skinny zebra in the wild because if it is having trouble giving birth, or has a stomach ache, it will be culled by a lion or other predator.  Too often in modern farming, we spend money to keep the bad genes alive, which makes us continue to have to keep spending money to keep the bad genes alive.  That is not our philosophy.


Our aim is to produce sheep that do not need any worm, lice or foot treatments, but do get pregnant every time and give birth without assistance. The ewes must have very strong mothering instincts to raise their lambs with enough milk and attention.  We choose ewes that can support 2-3 lambs at each lambing, without assistance.  We aim to produce sheep that are unstressed growing on highly nutritious grass and clover pastures without any assistance from us.  ie. meat the way nature intended.





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