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Moving is sometimes easy

Sometime moving a mob of sheep can be a pain, and sometimes it can be easy. Take today for example. I've been trying something for awhile where when I open the gate, I yell "come on" and then get out of the way. All the mobs now have enough sheep that understand English and start heading for the gate, and like all good sheep, the rest follow. Much less stressful for everyone. This is our recently merged mob of 1618 ewes that have just been with the rams. They comprise 357 dry ewes given a second chance while we are back into building our numbers up, and 1261 yellow tag ewe lambs (born Oct-Dec 2021).

I wish it was this easy when lambs are at foot. Sigh.

The ewes now in Charlie paddock

The ewes now in Charlie paddock

5 lambs abandoned by their mums and one orphan. Another abandoned one is out the picture. Economically, and time management wise, it is not feasible to rescue every lamb, but I just can't leave them when I see them. One day I hope to find a way of identifying the ewes that abandoned them and put them on the cull list. That will have to wait because for now we are building numbers as quickly as we can.

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