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Caluka field day this October 2023

If you would like to see first hand what we are doing on Caluka Farms, you are welcome to come along to our field day.

When: Friday 27th October 2023 from 2pm on.

Where: 345 Healy Road, Narrikup, WA. In Google Maps, there is a pin to our front gate if you search for "Caluka Farms".

Please RSVP to by Friday 20th October 2023 if you "will" be attending and how many will be in your car.

I will be showing you around the farm and will give a brief presentation in the shed of the strategies and genetics we are using to achieve our goals - and take more of your questions. You will also be able to meet and ask questions to our Advisory Panel, which consists of: Paul McKenzie (Chairman), Dom Papaluca (Accountant) and Sarah Lang (financial consultant). Our farm manager, Glenn White, will also be available to meet and greet.

After the formalities, there will be a lamb on the spit, plus nibbles and liquid refreshments. If the weather is nice, we might light up the bonfire and sit around it and have a chit chat into the night with a suitable beverage. Bring your own camping chair.

As for what is currently happening on the farm, the second lambing for the year has begun (due date was 22nd September), but we've had a few lambs arrive a week early. The weather continues to be on the cold and cloudy side. Pasture growth is accelerating, as you will see in the photos below I took recently, but is well behind where it usually is at this time of year. Moisture is still very good for us and a few weeks of dry weather would be most welcome - and that is what is currently forecast to occur.

I look forward to seeing you on our field day.

17/9/2023 - Our Cleanskins ewes, some of which started lambing on the 17th (not due until 22nd).

17/9/2023. The "woollies" due to lamb from 22/9/23 in Lima paddock, the paddock I call "The Agronomist's Challenge" paddock. Part 1.

17/9/2023. The "woollies" due to lamb from 22/9/23 in Lima paddock, the paddock I call "The Agronomist's Challenge" paddock. Part 2

17/9/23 - Some of these "woollies" are ready to pop. From the size of some of these bellies, I presume there is more than one lamb inside.

1st Sep 2023. Juliet paddock when I was moving the "Woollies" into this paddock. The alpacas run faster and partake of the fresh pasture before the sheep arrive into the picture.

19th Sep 2023 - Bravo paddock in need of a mob of sheep.

19th Sep 2023 - Charlie paddock with our "drys". Ewes born in 2022 who did not get into lamb back in May, and all the ewe and wether lambs born this year.

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