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Caluka's 2023 field day, and before and after photos.

We had a lovely day yesterday on the farm with visitors coming to see what we are doing. Some great questions and interaction and the ability to chat to our advisory panel of Paul McKenzie, Dom Papaluca and Sarah Lang. This time next year, it will hopefully be another great field day and will be the first year we should have been running at the full stocking rate, and fertilising accordingly - trying to find what the limit is and then go beyond.

We are currently at 54 DSE/ha and rising with new lambs on the ground due to end yesterday (Fri 27th Oct), and rams going back into the ewes on Monday to drop the next batch of lambs in late March 2024.

Below are some photos of the field day, and then some photos showing before and after that are 12 months apart. The farm has come a long way and hopefully is about to hit top gear in the next 12 months. I look forward to finding out what is possible, and when we do, how much further we can go. There is always room for improvement.

The group at our 2023 field day grilling me with great questions.

I gave a presentation to the group before we went out into the paddocks.

Our Cleanskin ewe mob about to finish lambing that everyone had a look at on our field day. Rams come back into these girls on Monday - getting them pregnant whilst still having lambs at foot.

A big thank you to 4Farmers for asking to sponsor the field day. It was greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

An update on the sand seam. Photo taken 27th Oct 2023. Those reeds will be wiped out again this summer.

Now to some before and after photos. The before ones are taken in August/September 2018 when we got possession of the farm. Then there are the "after" photos that are taken August/September 2019, except for Alpha corner where the after photo is taken today.

2018 - The corner of Alpha paddock (left) that has now had 38t/ha of lime. It was the most acidic paddock on the farm.

2018 - the Alpha corner is having sand base added before adding gravel.

2023 - The Alpha corner today.

2018 - Indigo paddock. Note the trees at the back right when seeing the after photo below.

2019 - Indigo paddock. It is possible to take a very infertile, acidic and stale paddock into this production within 12 months.

2018 - The corner of Sierra paddock, the top of the sand seam.

2018 - The top of the sand seam in Sierra paddock when it was being sown to kikuyu.

2019 - The top of the sand seam in Sierra paddock.

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