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Springing to the boys

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Narrikup. You can hear the grass and clover grow on a warm day, magpies are singing all night, and love will soon be in the air for some girls in our flock. My wife Reneé would like to be playing Barry White to the ewes in the coming weeks to get the girls in the mood for love. We've just drafted all the green tag ewes we have produced on farm, and purchased, into <39.9kg liveweight and >40kg LW. The >40kg ewe lambs have been moved in with the older girls who finished lambing a few weeks ago and will have the rams introduced next week, and the <40kg ewe lambs into the ewe mob that have already been with the rams a few weeks ago. These <40kg ewe lambs will be introduced to rams in February.

Early next week we will be vaccinating the ewes prior to introducing the rams with the campylobacter vaccine for the first time, and then introducing them to the rams, and Barry White music if Reneé has her way!

As you can see in the photo below, the sheep are not grazing the pastures down enough within 7-days, but that is normal for this time of year. The forecast is for some significant rainfall this coming Thursday and Friday, which is great, and not so good. Great because it will be fantastic for the pastures, and not so good because Friday 4th October is our inaugural shareholder field day (invitation only). Oh well. Que sera sera (what will be, will be).

I have been looking forward to this field day since August last year to show the shareholders what their investment has created so far, and show and discuss our plans for the future. I am one year in with my 10-year plan of producing one million lambs/year. Nine years to go! Exciting times ahead.

These girls are being moved from this paddock into the next one because 7-days is up. Grass grows grass, so leaving this much feed behind will only enable it to be too big by the time they return in ~35 days, but it is Spring time.

~1600 green tag ewe lambs bred on farm and purchased heading to the yards to be drafted below and above 40kg LW. The big girls get to meet the rams next week. The little ones will have to wait until February.

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Nice work Wayne - ewe hoggets looking sharp and given condition they're in I'm sure you'll be rewarded with really positive conception rates. Well done!!

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