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Pasture growth rates

I've been asked a few times about how fast is our pasture growing, but I have no idea, and even if I did, I don't see how it would make the slightest difference to how long and hard we graze a paddock. The video below was taken 27th August, 2019 of our two dogs, Caleb and Luka, playing. This paddock is called Bravo and back in May, it received a much larger dose of fertiliser to show visiting shareholders what is possible in this environment. Since May, it has only received what every other paddock has been receiving. 12 days prior to this video being taken, 1040 sheep were removed (rams and ewes with lambs about to be weaned (tomorrow 29th Aug). The paddock is 9.4ha and they had been grazing the paddock for 7 days. We haven't had much warm weather yet, but the pastures are growing quite quickly now. It'll be another 15 days before the sheep get back to this paddock.

We have just received great news from our livestock agents who have found ~850 more ewes that are arriving in the next two days, and ~2,000 trade lambs to fatten up that will arrive next week. We had reduced the fertiliser inputs to dribble rates after sheep have been removed from each paddock in their rotation because we didn't have enough sheep, but we will step it up now to capitalise on the spring flush that is coming and put it into our own sheep, and the trade lambs that are coming. So by the end of next week, we should have ~5,970 sheep on the 185ha. The farm is about to get busy.

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