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New shareholder answers

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Visitor numbers to Caluka Farms in Narrikup are now at the level of several people every day. We have had to lock the front gate now because so many people are coming in and having a look around without us knowing. Everyone is most welcome, but please contact us first to make a mutually beneficial time. We are very proud of what we are achieving, but for animal and staff safety and for etiquette sake, please call ahead to make a time to come and visit.

All visitors coming to the farm are very impressed with what is happening on the farm and most of those visitors ask about becoming a shareholder. To become a new shareholder in Caluka Farms is a difficult pathway. The existing shareholders who took the step of faith to support this venture from the beginning will forever, while they are shareholders, have first and second choice of any unallocated* or new future share releases.

*At the time of writing, previously unallocated shares are available for existing shareholders, and only under certain specifications, a few new shareholders might be allowed to purchase some of these shares.

If you would like to become a new shareholder, it is strongly advised to come and see the farm first so that you can see how we are doing things differently and will soon be very profitable. In the future, you can only become a new shareholder if you purchase shares off the existing shareholders, or >75% of existing shareholders vote to allow "new" shares to be issued.

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