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It's not all this good yet

The photo below was taken on Sunday 5th May 2019 on two of our sandiest (gutless) paddocks (was pH <4.3, P<10ppm, K<10ppm). These are coming along nicely, but other paddocks have a ways to go - mainly non-wetting and waiting for acidity to be corrected from the lime once the soil wets up.

As for the sheep, we have purchased another 1,070 skinny lambs to fatten up and sell, with more each week coming for awhile. The ewes in the picture below will be scanned in early June. Those that are dry will be sold. One small mob has finished lambing (were bought "dry" but weren't) and another mob is beginning to lamb from our rams and will be doing so for another 5 weeks. Some urea and ryegrass has just been spread in front of the rain to boost the quality as well as the quantity of the pasture. Clover and plantain are being sown into the paddocks this week - seed was ordered last August but has only just arrived. And fortunately, rainfall has been fairly good - 98mm for March, 66mm for April, and 11mm so far in May. The next two weeks looks to be on the dry side but it'll be OK. Things should continue to improve as the lime kicks in, and clovers and plantain start to contribute.

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