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Break of the season

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The average break to the season is late March in the Narrikup area where Caluka's first farm is situated. It has been green all summer though, despite the very dry summer. However, we were blessed with 98mm in March and we managed to get some nitrogen spread the day before the rains started. And now we have far too much feed because it kept raining and conditions have been warm and sunny. Lambs are on the ground from a line we bought that were meant to be dry, but then found out they had been with rams since October. Anyway, the first lambs from our rams are due in late May. There will probably be lots of green feed in front of them. We are currently trying to obtain 1-2,000 underweight lambs to fatten up and sell to convert this excess pasture into dollars before our lambs land on the ground. Below are some photos taken over the past few days. Some paddocks have double this feed because we can't get the sheep there quick enough at the moment.

12 days between grazings. We changed direction of the rotation so sheep came back to this paddock only 12 days later. Above is day 12 when we brought sheep back onto the paddock. Lots of feed. I love kikuyu.

Sheep in the raceway on the way to taking rams out. Paddock on the right is about 5 days away from being grazed again. Should have been grazed a week ago.

A very sandy paddock. This is about 9 days from being grazed to the deck. I love kikuyu.

Our new home - the caravan. The donga is the farm office. Caleb on the right, one of our dogs.

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